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Fireplace Installation

Expert Fireplace Installation Done for You, Done Fast, Done Right

With over 20 years of experience, FlameMasters has you covered for all your Fireplace Installation needs in the DFW area. We’re here to ensure your fireplace is installed correctly, quickly, and professionally, so you can enjoy your fireplace for years to come stress-free!

Why You Need Your Fireplace Installed by Experts:

Worry-free Relaxation – a fireplace can drastically improve the comfort and ambiance of your home or workplace. Enjoy that comfort with the peace of mind that comes from the expert, community-trusted fireplace installation from FlameMasters.

Efficient Energy – modern fireplaces often incorporate energy-saving features and technologies, reducing costs and providing an eco-friendly heating option. A poor installation can undo all that good, costing you bundles in the long run.

Healthy Indoor Air Quality – a proper installation is mandatory if you want to ensure the health of your indoor air quality.

Reliable Heat Source – a fireplace serves as a long-term, reliable heat source that should require minimal maintenance if installed correctly. An inadequate installation can lead to poor heating and the need for increased maintenance and servicing.

We want you to enjoy your fireplace with peace of mind! Contact us today, and we will safely and professionally install your fireplace so you can be warm and happy.


Why Choose Our Chimney & Fireplace Services

Flamemasters is committed to helping our clients avoid house fires by providing simple maintenance services. We believe in doing the right thing no matter what the job is and that’s why a percentage of every sale from our amazing clients goes toward ending Human/Sexual Trafficking.